Iraquna Projects
Iraquna is the Iraqi branch of Orascom Telecom CO. Iraquna contracted
with CBuilding to design and construct multiple projects throughout Baghdad.
1. Civil Projects: CBuilding constructed many buildings for Iraquna, including:
   A. Servicing Buildings for the communication staff.
   B. Warehouses.
   C. Walls and services for tower sites.
2. Architectural Work: There were some decorations and different moldings to be added to buildings that Iraquna already used.
3. Electrical Work: Cbuilding supplied and installed multiple main electrical power supply systems. CBuilding also installed many generators    for Iraquna in many buildings.
4. Mechanical Work: Air conditioning units of capacity 2 and 5 tons were also installed in the buildings.
5. Sanitary Works: Interior and exterior sanitary works were also included in the contract.
6. CBuilding constructed multiple communication towers with different heights throughout the city.