Sleeper Factory Project
Contractor: CBuilding CO.
Project Duration: 2 years
This contract was signed with
the Iraqi Ministry of Transportation, to construct a sleeper factory with a capacity of 2800 sleepers per day,500,000 sleepers per year, with high technology and international standards to ensure high quality products. Imported machinery was provided from British Company RMC CO.
This contract was awarded to CBuilding CO due to the company's abilities to perform the required work in least possible time and efficiency. The company has the required staff and expertise to construct this kind of factories. CBuilding was selected by the special committee formed by the ministry to evaluate the offers for this project. The committee recommended CBuilding for this project.
Work in this factory was as follows:
1. Civil Works: Construction of the frames and roofs of the factory.
2. Supplying and installing the machinery of the factory, this included:


A. Ten lines of Jack Head Hydraulics.

B. Ten lines of new fast clip sleeper moulds.

C. Strand Runner / Cutter.

D. Demoulders.

E.A fully equipped test house.

F.Ten Power Tracks.

G. Ten Lines of Thermal Sheets.

H. Electrical Curing Machinery.

I. Concrete Mixers with Transmission lines.

3. Supplying different Industrial Trucks such as: A. Eight ton capacity Fork Trucks, Four were supplied. B. Tankers. C. Crane