1. Client: Ministry of Oil (South Oil Company) and Eni Iraq B V
  2. Contractor: Al BINAA Al MOUASER in Al Zubar Oil Field.
  3. Duration: 33.5 Months
  4. Mount: 23,750,000 USD
  5. Percent of implementing project: 50%

Which is a seven story building of approximate area of 15000m2 of offices, meeting rooms.etc, the building to be equipped with many hi technology systems such as the cooling system VRV (DAIKIN) origin Japan work under 52 -55 C°, intelligent fire alarm system, ICT system, MBBR sewage treatment plant (PACT) origin USA, firefighting sprinklers system in addition to electrical substation, fountains and all required external landscape and buildings, Cars Park and roads. This project was awarded from Eni Iraq B V and located at Basrah, Zubair oil field.